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AdminPlus Version Release Notes

We are pleased to announce the release of AdminPlus version Highlights of this update include the following:

  • Credit card transaction fees (convenience charges) can now be added to our online invoices from Billing Plus as well as to any Online Form with a charge.
  • Helpful new options that can be selected when receiving grades and attendance from our TeacherPlus gradebook.

Hosted schools will be updated to AdminPlus version on the morning of December 23, 2015. Non-hosted schools may download this new version from our website now:

What's new in AdminPlus?

AdminPlus Online Forms

  • Credit card transaction fees can now be applied to invoices from Billing Plus as well as to Online Forms with charges.
    • These fees are added only if the parent selects to pay by credit card. After the transaction fee percentage has been set, if a parent selects payment by credit card when paying an invoice or submitting a form that includes a charge, the fee will be automatically calculated and charged to the parent’s credit card.
    • Additionally, an option to allow parents to indicate that payment will be sent by mail has been added for Online Forms.
      Note: This new feature requires AdminPlus Online Forms Manager version 3.15.7, which is included with this update.

  • Add a transaction fee to invoices from Billing Plus.
    • In Billing, click Invoices, click Send Invoices , enter the applicable percentage in the Transaction Fee (%) box, and then, send the invoice as you normally would. 
  • Add a transaction fee to an AdminPlus Online Form with a charge.
    • In Tools, click AP Online Forms Manager, click Create/Edit Online Forms, click Create and Edit Forms, select the Enable Online Fee Payment check box, and then enter the applicable percentage in the Transaction Fee (%) box.
    • To enable the option for parents to be able to indicate that payment will be sent by mail, select the Allow Pay by Mail check box. The transaction fee will not appear and will not be applied to the payment when the parent selects this option. If a parent selects the Pay by Mail check box, the parent will be able to submit the Form without entering credit card information.

TeacherPlus Grades Holding Bin

  • Course grades and skill grades can now be received from TeacherPlus separately.
    • The new Receive Which Grades specification allows users to select which grades are received from TeacherPlus.

TeacherPlus Attendance Holding Bin

  • Users are no longer prompted to view the log after receiving daily or period attendance.
    • The log can be viewed at any time by clicking View Log at the bottom of the Holding Bin screens.
  • Inactive staff members can now be hidden in the daily and period attendance holding bins.
  • Attendance can now be received from TeacherPlus into the daily attendance Code 2 box.
    • If you click Code 2 from the Place in __ of Daily Attendance drop-down list, a warning message appears when [Receive Attendance] is clicked. This is to ensure that daily attendance isn't mistakenly received into the wrong code.

Scheduling Plus Course Requests Holding Bin

  • Course requests can now be received from PlusPortals into the active year of AdminPlus.
    • Previously, course requests were able to be received into the Scheduling Year only.

TeacherPlus Setup & Sync Manager

  • AdminPlus users can now be given rights to access the Manage Users section.
    • By default, only the Supervisor account has access to the Manage Users section of the TeacherPlus Setup & Sync Manager. In order to provide a user with access, follow this procedure:
      1. Close all windows in AdminPlus.
      2. In File, click Users/Security, and then click 1. Manage users.
      3. Click the user to be provided access.
      4. Select the check box in the TP RIGHTS column for the applicable schools.
    • Alternatively, click Edit Rights For The Highlighted School, and select the Access To TeacherPlus – Manage Users check box.

Excel Wizard

  • The Daily Attendance (Students) report now includes a column for comments.

Report Cards Plus

  • When you calculate GPAs, the detailed report now shows a Student Grand Totals section.
    • This section appears at the bottom of each student’s details, below the individual course GPA calculations.

AdminPlus Home Screen

  • Student's entry and withdrawal dates can now be shown in the information pane of the dashboard.
    • In order to show these fields, click the gear icon, click the Attendance tab, and click ENTRY DATE and WITHDRAWAL DATE from the list.

      Note: Any field can be renamed using the Display As column.

AdminPlus Email Setup Wizard

  • The Unsubscribe E-Mail Details section is now optional.
    • If details have already been entered, they can be deleted.
  • An option has been added to allow students to view specific items in the E-Portfolio area of the PlusPortals.

Data Base Plus

  • Contacts' GUIDs now show on the Contacts and Master Contacts screens.
    • Previously, Contact GUIDs were viewable only by exporting to Excel. The field will be shown at the right-most side of the screens by default, but can be repositioned as needed.

      Tip: Remember to save the View after repositioning fields if the column selection and order on the screen will be used frequently.

AdminPlus General

  • The default images and color for the AdminPlus background have been updated.
    • The new images are based on the updated Rediker Software, Inc. logo. See the example below:
    • This applies to schools that are using the default background images. The new images and background color will not be applied automatically because it would affect schools that have set customized background images. In order to apply these updates, click Setup, click General, click Background Properties, and then click Reset Default for all three year types.

What's Been Fixed in AdminPlus?

  • The selected start grade and end grade specifications will always be saved in the Report Card Report Writer.
  • The File > Close All Windows feature will now close the Home screen in AdminPlus.

If you have any questions related to this update, please contact Technical Support via  e-mail at or phone at 800-882-2994.

Best regards,
The AdminPlus Team