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AdminPlus Version Release Notes

We are pleased to announce the release of AdminPlus version While this is not a major update, two important fixes are included:

  • TeacherPlus Grades Holding Bin: Narratives can now be received without receiving grades.
  • AdminPlus Online Forms Holding Bin: E-mail reminders sent about incomplete forms now display properly.

Hosted schools will be updated to AdminPlus version on the morning of February 5, 2016. Non-hosted schools may download this new version from our website now:

Note: For non-hosted schools, if you are using Internet Explorer to download the new version, you may see a warning stating that the signature of the installation is corrupt or invalid. Please disregard this warning; it's an issue with Internet Explorer. The installation will download and install properly.

What's New in AdminPlus?

  • E-Mail Report Wizard
    • Note: The spell-checker is only able to check the text box that the cursor is in. In order to correct spelling, click the text box you want to check and then click Spelling.
  • Report Cards Plus: Entry Forms Program
    • Students' names now print on two lines when the first and last names are longer than 20 characters combined.
    • This update affects the following items in Report Cards → Entry Forms:
      • Manual Grade Entry Forms
      • Grade Verification Forms
      • Section Rosters
      • Skill Grade Entry/Verification Forms
      • Teacher Grade Search Report
    • In order to increase the number of characters to display for students’ names, go to Data Base → New Files → Specs, and enter a value in the 9. Student Name Length (For Display) box, up to a maximum of 40.

  • Attendance Plus: Attendance Codes
    • Record #32 is now marked as ***Reserved*** and cannot be edited. Prior to this update, this was not clear since it was previously marked as ***UNUSED***.
  • Other Minor Enhancements

What's Been Fixed in AdminPlus?

  • TeacherPlus Grades Holding Bin
    • In the previous update, the ability to receive narratives without receiving course grades was disabled.

  • AdminPlus Online Forms Holding Bin
    • Previously, when e-mails were sent from the AdminPlus Online Forms Holding Bin to parents to remind them of an incomplete form, the e-mail was sent without a subject line and the URL didn't appear properly.

  • Other Minor Fixes

If you have any questions related to this update, please e-mail or call Tech Support at 800-882-2994.

The AdminPlus Team