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HTML5 TeacherPlus Update: February 24, 2017

Our team is pleased to inform you that the beta version of the HTML5 TeacherPlus Gradebook will be updated with some important feature fixes between 12:00am and 1:00am (EDT). In addition, we have included some exciting new features, such as a new TeacherPlus Management Site.

Please review the full details below.

Features and Enhancements

The Beta Version of the HTML5 TeacherPlus Management Site Is Now Available

The HTML5 version of TeacherPlus Gradebook features a brand new interface, but with familiar functionality. Although some of the features work a bit differently than they do in the Silverlight version, most of them work similarly enough to assure a smooth transition between versions. To make this transition even easier, we have developed this Get Started Guide with step-by-step instructions for all the application tasks most important to teachers.

Note that a few of our Silverlight TeacherPlus Gradebook features are still being developed and perfected for the HTML5 version. We’ll continue to work throughout the year to bring you the most comprehensive, full-featured version of TeacherPlus Gradebook for HTML5.

In order to access the link for your school, go to the PlusPortals Admin Site and click the HTML5 TeacherPlus Management Site and Gradebook button.

HTML5 Gradebook and Gradebook Manager Link

Note: If you do not know your PlusPortal link, do not hesitate to contact our PlusPortal or TeacherPlus teams.

Enter Final Skill Grades on the Skill Report Card View Screen

On the Skill Report Card View Screen, teachers can enter grades into the current Marking Period, Semester, and Final Skill Grade columns (Gradebook Column names may differ in your school).

Note: For most schools, teachers will need to enter Skill Grades in only the Marking Period and Final Grade columns, and not in Semester Grade columns. If your school does not have Semester columns in AdminPlus, they will not appear on this screen.

  1. Click Skill Report Card View on the Skills/Standards screen.

    Skills Report Card View 

  2. To enter Final Skill Grades, double-click a cell in the Final Grade column and enter the appropriate grade.

    Skill Final Grade 

  3. Use the < and > buttons to switch between Skills.

    Arrows For Skills 

  4. To receive Final Skill Grades in AdminPlus, check the Final Grade option in the Holding Bin Specifications, as shown below (Gradebook Column names may differ in your school).

    Recieve Skills

    Note: In the next update, schools will be given additional features within the Skill Report Card view, such as: Undo, Calculate, Batch Entry, etc.

Feature Fixes

  • The Class Summary Report is now printing narratives.
  • New seating charts will successfully be saved when using Internet Explorer.
  • Users can now create templates without accidentally creating a duplicated template.
  • Teachers can now successfully save skill grades into Excel. Previously, checkmarks were appearing as question marks.