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HTML5 TeacherPlus Update: March 16, 2017

The latest update to the beta version of TeacherPlus HTML5 enhances the Excel export feature, increases the functionality of the Skill Report Card View, and adds semester and final skill grade calculation. The update will be released between 12:00 AM and 1:00 AM (EDT), March 16th, 2017.

Please review the full details below.

Features and Enhancements

Save Data to Excel in Different Formats

Save as Excel

New Options in the Skill Report Card View

  • Calculate Semester and Final Skill Grades on the Skill Report Card View screen by clicking [Calculate].
  • Save all data contained in this screen to Excel by clicking [Save to Excel].
  • Undo recent skill grade entries by clicking [Undo].

    Note: The entries on the Undo Score list are cleared when the teacher switches between gradebooks or logs out of TeacherPlus. When a gradebook initially loads, the list is empty and the button is greyed out.

    Excel, Undo, and Calculate Features


  • Add/remove demographic fields by right-clicking a left pane column.

    Add/Remove Demographic Field


TeacherPlus Now Calculates Semester and Final Skill Grades

After this feature is enabled on the TeacherPlus Management Site (found in the Skills Classic → Skills: Semester and Final Grades area), Semester and Final Skill grades can now be calculated at the same time that Semester and Final Course grades are calculated.

Calculate Semester and Final Grades


Once calculated, the grades can be reviewed on the Skills/Standards screen, by clicking Skill Report Card View. In the near future, a separate feature will be added to the Skill Report Card View screen, allowing teachers to calculate the Final Skill Grades directly on this screen.

Note: It's very important that teachers review all calculated Skill Grades in order to ensure that they agree with the calculated grades and to make any necessary overrides.

Feature Fixes

  • The Management Site setting Disable Marking Period Dates is successfully carried over to the teacher application.
  • The Gradebook Blank Spreadsheet Report under Reports → Class prints students in alphabetical order.
  • Changes in the skills settings for Combined Progress Report are now being saved.
  • The Lunch Count time-stamp submission reflects the time on your desktop properly.