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HTML5 TeacherPlus Update: April 17, 2017

Greetings TeacherPlus and/or PlusPortals administrator,

We are pleased to announce that the HTML5 TeacherPlus Gradebook will be updated during the early morning (EDT) on April 17, 2017. Included in this update are a number of important feature fixes, along with enhancements to the gradebook template features, program-wide speed improvements, and grid alignment improvements for the main grid.

Features and Enhancements

Navigation Enhancements for Adding or Editing a Template

Added arrows to make it easier to select and deselect columns.

Select Template Columns


Speed Improvements Across the Program

  • Assignment columns created in the PlusPortals Quiz Builder immediately appear in the gradebook.
  • Teachers can quickly select annotations from the Advanced Annotations screen.
  • Narratives save faster; the Narrative Icon indicator appears immediately after saving a narrative.

Note: It is our goal to improve performance across the program over the next several updates.

Grid Alignment Improvements in the Main Grid

Improved the accuracy of gradebook columns and rows so that students and their data align more consistently.

Note: It is our goal to improve grid alignments across the program over the next several updates.

Feature Fixes

  • The Comments drop-down menu is visible any time a user enters or edits comments.
  • The General SettingsMarking Period Start Dates screen of the TeacherPlus Management Site displays all “Marking Period” type Report Card Columns.
  • Users can save skill grades from the SK/ST screen to Excel.
  • Users can save reports to Excel.
  • Teachers can change the Count in Averages property (based on the permissions set on the General SettingsScore Columns screen of the TeacherPlus Management Site).