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TeacherPlus Sync Manager and Sync Engine Update: June 23, 2017

Greetings TeacherPlus and PlusPortals administrator,

We are pleased to announce that a new TeacherPlus Service Pack is now available containing a new Sync Engine version

Note: Non-hosted schools can download this service pack by going to Rediker Support Downloads. Hosted schools will be updated tonight.

Feature Fixes

  • Schools can now successfully sync TeacherPlus and the PlusPortals to a previous year.  Prior to this update, when a user made a previous year the “Active Year” (in AP) and attempted to sync TeacherPlus and the PlusPortals, a warning message appeared stating that the year did not exist and that the “Create New Year” process must be run. This message was displayed in error and has been removed.
  • Previously, a sync error would occur when duplicate Staff GUIDs were found between active and inactive staff members. This has been addressed so that the program ignores the inactive staff member GUIDs during the sync process.