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TeacherPlus Sync Manager and Sync Engine Update: August 2, 2017

Our newest TeacherPlus Sync Manager and Sync Engine, versions 2.20.0 and respectively, provide the ability to include TeacherPlus Gradebook and PlusPortals links and login credentials in an e-mail to users.  We've also updated the naming convention for archival Excel files.

E-Mail TeacherPlus and PlusPortals Links and Login Credentials to Users from AdminPlus

Edit the E-Mail Body

  1. In the AdminPlus toolbar, click Tools > Teacher Setup & Sync Manager.
  2. In the TeacherPlus Tools group box of the TeacherPlus Setup & Sync Manager, click Manage Users.
  3. In the TeacherPlus Gradebook Sync Engine, click Done
  4. In the Manage TeacherPlus Gradebook Users dialog box, select the check box for each user you want to send links and login credentials to, and then click E-Mail/Print Login Details [F5] > Edit E-mail Body.
  5. Once you've edited the e-mail body, click Done [F10].

Text is required for the Header, each selected option, and the Body, but you can edit text in any section. Text in optional for the Welcome Note. The Include TeacherPlus Gradebook (Silverlight) link and Include TeacherPlus Gradebook (HTML5) link options are displayed for all schools. The Include TeacherPlus Gradebook (Silverlight) with Standards link and Include PlusPortals link options are displayed only if those products are enabled for the school.  The e-mail will include the text followed by the link for each selected item. 

Edit TeacherPlus and PlusPortals Links and Login Credentials E-mail

Send Links and Login Credentials

  1. In the Manage TeacherPlus Gradebook Users dialog box, click E-Mail/Print Login Details [F5] > E-mail: Login Details
  2. In the e-mail preview, click Send.

Naming Convention for Archival Excel Files

We've changed the naming convention for archival Excel files to start with the course number instead of the year.


Current file name: 2013-14_0001_01SocialDevA_ST072_07172014.xlsx

New file name: 0001_01SocialDevA_ST072_2013-14_07172014.xlsx