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PlusPortals Update: August 5, 2016

We are pleased to announce an update to the PlusPortals. Stay tuned for more updates this August!

This update is focused primarily around the following enhancements to the process of sending login credentials to PlusPortals users:

• Ability to create multiple E-Mail Templates for e-mailing/printing login credentials.
• Ability to e-mail/print login credentials for users by criteria.
• Addition of a new login credentials e-mail/print preview screen.
• Access to the advanced HTML editor when editing the login credentials templates.

The PlusPortals were updated during the early morning (EDT) on Friday, August 5, 2016. Please review the full details below.

Features and Enhancements

Creating templates for e-mailing or printing credentials for Parents, Students, Teachers, and Admins

You can now create multiple E-Mail Templates in order to easily customize the login credentials e-mails that are sent to PlusPortals users. This can be done by going to Setup → E-Mail Setup. Previously, this screen featured a drop-down with options to edit the “Login Credentials,” “Forgot Password,” and “Automated Notifications” e-mail templates. Those options have been converted to radio buttons, and a new “E-Mail Template” drop-down has been added.

When a template is selected, the e-mail body can be edited. If you would like to create a new template, click on the Create New Template button, then select the Copy Current option to make a copy of the selected template or select the Blank Template option to create from scratch. Just provide a Name and Subject for the template, enter your message in the body and click the Save button.

To delete a template, select the template and click the Delete Template button. The default “Login Credentials” template will remain, and cannot be deleted.

In addition, a new print feature has been added in order to allow you to print these login credentials for individual users. See the “E-Mailing and printing login credentials by criteria” section of these notes for details.

Important note: If you are printing login credentials, we recommend that you include the [site.url], [], and [user.password] macros in the Message Body, and avoid using the [user.activate-url] macro. This will make it easier for the user to gain access to the PlusPortals.

Editing E-Mail Templates in the advanced HTML environment

The advanced HTML editor has been added for use in the E-Mail Templates. In order to access the editor, click the </> button on the “Message Body” tool strip.

Note: Advanced HTML tags will not display properly when printing these login credentials using the new Print feature. If you would like to use advanced HTML tags for sending login credentials by e-mail, please create a separate template for use in printing.

E-Mailing and printing login credentials by criteria

In order to accommodate the new ability to create multiple E-Mail Templates for login credentials, we have added the ability to select which template is used when sending credentials for each user-type.

The first time you e-mail or print login credentials for each user-type you will need to select which template to use. After the first time credentials are sent for that user-type, the selected template will be remembered. From this point forward, for that user-type you will only need to select a template when you need to change which to use.

To select a template, use the “Select E-Mail Template” in the upper-right corner of the Manage Accounts screen.

Once a template is selected, credentials can be e-mailed to or printed for users. Just click the E-Mail/Print Login Details button and select either the “E-Mail Login Details” or “Print Login Details” option.

A new pop-up will appear, allowing you to e-mail or print credentials by criteria – just select an option and click the Next button to add recipients to the list. In the example below, the pop-up specifically for use in printing credentials for students is used. However, it will be the same for all user-types except as noted below.

• All students
: This option will add all students in the school to the recipient list.

• All students who do not have an e-mail address: All students that have regular usernames instead of e-mail addresses will be added to the recipient list.

º This option is available only for students, and only when the “Print Login Details” option has been selected. All other users must have an e-mail address.

• Students by grade level: When selected, a selection grid will appear directly below the option, allowing you to select which grade level(s) you would like to send credentials for. All students (or parents of students) in the selected grade level(s) will be added to the recipients list.

º This option is available only for students and parents.

• Specific students: This option will allow you to select specific students from a list.

• Students previously selected on Manage Accounts screen: This option will add any students that were previously selected on the Student list of the Manage Accounts screen to the recipient list.

º If any students were previously selected, this will be the default option. Otherwise, the option will be greyed out.

Note: In the future, we will add two more criteria options - the option to send credentials by homeroom and the option to send credentials to all users that have not yet activated their PlusPortals accounts.

After selecting the recipients, click the Next button to see a new preview of the login credentials you are about to e-mail or print. The preview will be based on the first recipient on the list. Click the Continue button in order to send the e-mail or generate the print job.

Uploading multiple files at once

Users can now select multiple files at once when attaching them to E-Mails, Announcements, Notifications, Alerts, Calendar events, and Homework Hand-ins.

Note: This ability will be added to the School Resources, Group Resources and Class Resources areas in the near future.

Uploading files from My Computer, Google Drive, and OneDrive

Files can now be uploaded from My Computer, Google Drive, and OneDrive in all areas of the PlusPortals.

Feature Fixes

• Parents and Students will no longer be able to login to the ParentPlus and StudentPlus apps if Parent or Student accounts are locked in the recently released Lock Account

• The customized message from the recently released Lock Accounts feature will now display for schools using the standard login screen. Previously, while the locked users could not access the PlusPortals, the pop-up for the customized message did not appear unless the school had enabled the PlusPortals Home Page.

If you have any questions related to this update please e-mail or call Tech Support at 800-882-2994.

The PlusPortals Team