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Teacher Evaluator Update Notes: August 8, 2017

This Teacher Evaluator release contains a number of minor updates and improvements, including the ability for teachers to notify administrators of completed self evaluations, the ability for users to set a timezone to localize time stamps rendered in PDFs, and the ability for users to remove their own remarks from submitted evaluations.


  • Users can now remove their own remarks from submitted evaluations.

    Remove Remarks from Submitted Evaluations

  • Teachers can now notify their administrators of completed self evaluations.

    Notify Administrators of Completed Self-Evaluations

  • Users can now set a timezone to localize time stamps rendered in PDFs.

    Set a Timezone

  • The Quick Evidence tool on evaluations is now accessible via keyboard shortcuts.
  • A user can now be marked as a non-teaching staff member.
  • Non-teaching staff members are now assigned the proper values in the Massachusetts state report.

Bug fixes

  • Comment only indicators in summary report no longer render an empty descriptor box.
  • Previously, all alert boxes were dismissible. Now only specific ones can be dismissed.
  • Groups are no longer automatically selected when creating a new user account.
  • Inactive steps are no longer listed in the Plan API.
  • It was previously possible to create steps in plans that didn't require a teacher or evaluator to complete them.
  • The Quick Evidence tool no longer closes after closing an artifact preview.

General improvements

  • A zero page is now displayed when there are no past evaluations in summative evaluation tool.
  • A zero page has been added to the plans detail view.
  • Indicators are now paginated in the artifact linker.
  • A warning is now displayed if a user tries to create a plan that affects no users.
  • Tab-navigation inconsistencies have been corrected on the forms page.
  • The starting date of 365 days ago is now used consistently throughout all reporting tools.