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E-Mail and Messages Overview

You can communicate with students and parents from your teacher portal in two ways: via message or email. A portal email is a full-fledged email and is delivered to a student's or parent's personal email inbox and their portal inbox. Messages are a means of communicating in the portals only, and students can only retrieve these messages in their student portal. As a result, email could be used as the primary method of communication, but messages are preferred when your students might not have email addresses.

The following features are available for email only:

  • Saving email drafts
  • Viewing sent emails
  • Sending attachments
  • Email archive for previous school years

Sending an email or message starts with clicking E-Mail & Messages on the main navigation bar. The E-Mail & Messages page is organized into two tab screens, one for emails and another for messages. The following diagram explains the page's main functionality.

Email & Messages Page

  E-Mail & Messages Diagram (See Figure Above)
A Switch between emails and messages.
B Access your email inbox, email drafts, and sent emails.
C View archived email for previous school years.
D Select which emails to show and search emails by subject or sender.
E See details of an email by clicking the view icon .
F Reply to an email or delete it.
G Browse email and select how many emails to display per page.

To view more than 10 email messages per page, click one of the options from the E-Mails per page list, located at the bottom of the email list. If you have several emails, use the navigation arrows at the bottom to browse the email list.

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