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Click the red dots and areas to view information about the interface.

TeacherPlus HTML5 Interface

Access all gradebooks available to you or just the gradebooks you select to display in Settings > Gradebooks.

Gradebook Display Settings

View seating chart and weekly attendance.

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Generate different types of student and class reports.

View grade scales, create and view score annotations, automatically drop lowest scores, and set column category weights and marking period weights. Click the buttons below to learn more.

Drop Lowest Scores

Create Scores Annotations

Customize Weighting

Remove score columns, recalculate averages, and recalculate statistics.

Submit gradebooks to the main office at the end of a marking period.

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Sort score columns and customize Header Rows view settings as well as gradebook display settings. You can also configure score settings here, such as toggling Turbo Mode. Click the buttons below to learn more.

Sort Score Columns

Header Row Settings

Gradebook Display Settings

Score Settings

The number of columns that are shared, hidden, and not counted in averages appear here. Clicking a number button reveals the relevant columns.
Hide or show the navigation menu.

Add a new score column for an assignment, project, quiz, test, and more.

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Quick Entry: When you have many students in your class and need to grade them on various assignments, you can expedite the process by using Quick Entry to find and grade students.

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Access the Skills and Standards screen.

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Switch between templates: With the template feature, you can easily customize column templates for different situations, based on various Demographic, System, and Gradebook columns.

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Hide/show Attendance and Lunch columns.

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Submit attendance to main office. Click the button below to learn more about taking attendance.

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Using the Lunch Count feature, you can enter students' lunch preferences right from TeacherPlus, and submit them to the main office.

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Optimize visibility by minimizing the Gradebook menu and Header Rows and/or by enabling Thin Column Mode.

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Lock a column or make it public or private in PlusPortals.

Score column: Double-click anywhere in a score column to edit information about the column or to copy the column to a another gradebook.

About Copying a Score Column

As a company that is committed to the best in upcoming technologies, we have introduced the newest version of TeacherPlus Gradebook, built with the advanced framework HTML5. HTML5 offers cross-browser compatibility without requiring plug-ins, meaning that our TeacherPlus Gradebook works on any computer, in any browser, including the newest versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. HTML5 offers greater speed and a responsive user experience on mobile devices.

The HTML5 version of TeacherPlus Gradebook features a brand new interface but with familiar functionality. Although some of the features work a bit differently than they do in the Silverlight version, most of them work similarly enough to assure a smooth transition between versions. To make this transition even easier, we have developed this get started guide with step-by-step instructions for all the application tasks most important to teachers.

Note that a few of our Silverlight TeacherPlus Gradebook features are still being developed and perfected for the HTML5 version. We’ll continue to work throughout the year to bring you the most comprehensive, full-featured version of TeacherPlus Gradebook for HTML5.

This topic was last updated on October 10, 2017.

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