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Welcome to the New!

We are very excited to announce our great new support site with you. We plan on growing this new portal into a great online support community for Rediker's products and services. With a new documentation hub, discussion forums, blogs and more, it is guaranteed to become a great resource for you and your users!

Rediker Software has committed itself to top notch support through the 35 years of serving our schools. This has included superior phone support for many years. As our products grow and issues become more challenging, we needed to offer other forms of support rather than just a phone call. Just last year, we opened up support via email to assist you, which has been very successful. As we strive to continually improve not only our products but also our service, we know you need a place where you can go to get additional help. This is why we have redesigned and relaunched

When we ventured to build this new support site for you, we didn't just want to create another support website, we wanted to build a support community. Building a support community involved combining various aspects of support services, where users can interact with not only support personnel but each other. This doesn't just happen in the user forum. In other areas, such as the ideas section, users can vote on other users’ ideas and give feedback on our new documentation, helping us to help you even more!

Rediker has been successful through the years based on your feedback. We listened once again, and now is here with some amazing features and resources for you. Our new support site will only get better with time and from your input and use of it. We look forward to working with you through our new support site in addition to our traditional methods of support.

Feel free to explore our public areas, including Documentation, Update Notes and News. If you have a login or invitation code, you are free to explore the entire site. If you didn't receive an invitation code yet, that's okay; you will receive one in January. There are still some great areas you can explore including documentation and release notes if you do not have a login yet.

We really enjoyed building the foundation for this community and look forward to building it even further based on your participation. Thank you for allowing us to continue to serve and support your schools.

Andrew Anderlonis, President