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Learn the Basics of AdminPlus 6 with the New Redi-Kard

Learning the basics of AdminPlus is now easier than ever! The new Redi-Kard enables staff members to quickly learn the most important tasks they perform every day in AdminPlus in just six pages of content. That’s right: just six pages! Some of these tasks include: taking and importing attendance, finding students, demoting a student, changing a grade level of a student, scheduling, customizing Lookup to find information quickly, and many other tasks.

The Redi-Kard covers the modules of Data Base, Attendance, and Report Cards. We designed this card to give our users a handy tool that they can use to help answer questions that arise day to day. We carefully picked among the most frequently asked questions that our new users have, and we’ve made them available at your fingertips in this card in the form of step-by-step tutorials. 

We hope that you find this card informative, and, as always, we thank you for using AdminPlus.

Download the new Redi-Kard in Adobe PDF:

Download Redi-Kard

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