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The All-New ParentPlus and StudentPlus Interactive Video Guides

Learning how to use ParentPlus and StudentPlus is now easier than ever! We have created a series of fun interactive video guides that enable parents and students to engage with the portals, while being guided on how to use them.

As a company founded by educators for educators, we understand the importance of making learning interactive and engaging, especially in the age of video learning. As a result, we set out to create an immersive learning experience for parents and students through interactive training.

What makes these guides unique is that instead of passively watching a video, learners are invited to try out the features being presented to them right on the screen. The guides offer an in-depth look at viewing classroom progress, submitting homework, sending emails and messages, and staying updated on school and classroom events using Newsfeed and Calendar.

If your school presently uses ParentPlus and StudentPlus, we encourage you to try out the guides and share them with parents and students. The guides can be accessed at the following link:

Note: The guides have been published in HTML5. At the moment, the browsers that fully support the guides include Internet Explorer 9 or later, Google Chrome 17 or later, and Safari 5.1 or later.