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Meet the New Faces of Rediker Software

The Rediker Software Family is growing! We are pleased to introduce our newest members who joined our team in 2015. They have already made huge contributions to our company and we look forward to seeing them accomplish much more in 2016. Learn about their backgrounds, interests, and how they came to be a part of the Rediker Software Family.

Alex Atwater, Development Intern

High School and College Student, App Developer, Athlete (Soccer and Hockey), Cruise-Fanatic, Software Engineer Major (2020).

“When my school changed its SIS to Rediker, I was amazed that a large software development company was located so close to my hometown. I cold-called to explore possible opportunities for high school juniors. When there were none, I used the generous connection I had made to obtain a job shadow for my high school senior project, based on my chosen career of software engineering. This transitioned into my current internship position. I am happy to be a part of such a successful company!”

John Cooper, Database Solutions Engineer

Great with computers, cats, and cub scouts; not as good at writing witty profiles, but willing to give it a try.

“My wife has been bicycling past Rediker Software ever since our twins were attending preschool just down the street and always wondered what the company did. When I was looking for a new position, she couldn't resist coming over and dropping off my resume, and the rest is history. I've worked in database administration with manufacturing and healthcare companies, and I’m enjoying the challenge of learning about the world of educational tracking software. I'm looking forward to helping Rediker update their software to a really excellent new version this year.”

Brett Couture, Web Manager

Institute Synth, beach bum, tech junkie, cycling enthusiast, outdoorsman, UX addict.

“I came to Rediker Software to further my abilities and exercise my passions. This excellent company has a small and friendly staff and a drive to succeed, features that I was looking for in a workplace.”

Louise Ferrante, Technical Support

Wife, Mom, Dog lover. I love all animals! I even have a pet dragon. Former Science & Technology teacher & Webmaster for independent school.

“I found the most amazing group of people here at Rediker from all over the world with different backgrounds and awesome personalities! When we all work together, it’s magic what a group of diverse people with a variety of skills can accomplish for our customers.”

Brian Grohe, Development Intern

College tennis player, foodie, technology enthusiast, animal lover, and proud member of the Western New England University Family.

“I joined the Rediker Software family for many reasons. A big reason was the wonderful people that I met at the company, everyone was extremely kind and welcoming. Rediker as a company provided an opportunity to further develop myself as a person and make a positive difference in other people’s lives.”

Jonathan Labbe, Technical Support

Information Systems student w/ concentration in Networking and Telecom. Fan of reading, watching movies, playing chess and StarCraft II.

Donna Leone, Accounts Receivable Analyst

Wife and mom of three, UMass alum, master gardener, former English teacher, cook, and runner.

“Although education is one of my highest priorities, I had taken some years away from teaching. I decided that I needed a career change, and that change included computers. The same day I signed up for a couple of computer classes at a local college is the same day I learned that there was a position available at Rediker. I am thrilled to be a part of a company that contributes to the work of educators. I also feel very fortunate to have found employment that can use my background experience in finance and education.”

Julie Locke, Technical Writer

Optimist, language enthusiast, cheese lover, life-long learner, UMass alum. I love contemporary dancing, country music, & spending time w/ my family and friends.

“I joined the Rediker Software family because this company presented me with an intersection of my interests of writing, education, and technology. The small family owned mentality encourages every employee to focus on the benefit of the school and how we can help teachers, administrators, parents, and students. I have my teaching license, and I was on a path to becoming an educator, so the qualities that the Rediker Software family possesses appealed to the side of my personality most familiar with pedagogy and instruction.”

Kelly McLellan, Customer Account Manager

Proud Mom of two boys, Fitness instructor, UMass Alum, Cape Cod enthusiast. I love bringing my sons from the soccer field to the dance studio.

“Before I joined the Rediker Software family, I already knew many of the employees that worked here. The company’s mission and enthusiasm towards helping and assisting schools was enough to motivate me to want to be a part of this family. Joining the Rediker Software family and surrounding myself with such wonderful people was the next step for me in my career.”

Alexandria O'Brien, Graphic Designer

RIT alum w/ background in digital animation, best friend & cat lover. Spends free time designing costumes & adding to digital art portfolio.

“Wonderful, welcoming people; lovely location in beautiful Hampden, MA; great reputation known worldwide – what’s not to love? To know and be a part of a great family oriented company that supports academic administrators and the education industry around the world. That’s why I joined the Rediker Software family.”

Tyler Redzko, Development Intern

Student, indie music fan, coffee lover, general nerd. I love singing, playing video games, and going to hackathons.

“I joined Rediker because of a friend I know that works here. I've enjoyed all of the awesome things I've learned and all of the knowledge I've gotten to apply from my degree. The family mentality promoted by Rediker has really helped motivate me and make me feel included.”

Brendan Reed, Technical Support Specialist

Marathoner, lousy golfer, movie enthusiast, boyfriend, father of Jesse (cat), Special Olympics coach, proud Elms College alumn.

“Joining Rediker was a very easy decision for me as I was sold on the inclusive environment that has been created here on my first interview. Also, the opportunity to work for an employer that truly values an employee’s development set this company apart. Lastly, the people. I have received a very thorough and gracious welcome from everybody since I recently started and I look forward to meeting and learning about everybody here at the Rediker Family.”

Brian Stortz, Technical Support Specialist

Husband, father of 2 children, passionate about technology. In my free time you will find me on the ice coaching hockey.

Robert Watson, IT Intern

IT student who loves building PC’s, hiking, and finding new places to explore.

“I joined to better improve my own technical skills and to help the Rediker community grow.”

Mark Zilewicz, Network Engineer

Enthusiastic about IT, love to travel and experience new foods, enjoy spending time with family and friends.

“I joined Rediker because it is a strong, growing (and still family owned) business with an excellent product and a great reputation. I wanted to be part of the team that has worked so hard to make this company successful.”